She STEAMS is a successful 501/c3 founded by Henry County Commisioner and ran by a dynamic board of professional moms. She STEAMS is a nationally recognized leader in the field of empowering women and young girls economic development. The girls of She Steams are strong, talented, independent, and creative. She STEAMS provides programs and services to support and accelerate women owned businesses that strengthen the impact of women by empowerment, creating jobs, and fueling economic growth. She STEAMS carries out these activities through several programs by means of sponsorship and fundraising efforts by its board members. With access to amazing role models, the girls of She Steams are able to build upon their knowledge and strengthen their confidence. Benefits of She STEAMS: We offer two sites of Girls STEM Friday's, Two public STEM nights, Two STEM field trips every quarter, Two arts performances, and Two golf clinics.

Program Initiatives

Girls Robotics:

Girls Robotics is a league of girls, whose challenge is to research a real-world problem and develop a solution. This program requires the girls to utilize creativity, teamwork and innovative thinking.

       Program highlights:

  • Once a week during the school year, one of our adult coach’s meet with the girls at the local elementary school for practice.
  • During the summer, Girls Robotics has a partnership with local university’s that will expose girls to STEAMS careers. College Day will be once a week.

She Girls Golf:

She Girls Golfs goal is to Enrich, Engage & Empower young girls through the game of golf! We encourage the girls to become a Girls Golf “Social Butterfly!”

Program highlights:

  • partnership with LPGA-USGA Girls Golf.
  • 8 week golf program during the summer months that provides girls the opportunity to receive quality junior golf instruction at a official Girls Golf site.


She Golfs:

Is inspired by our Women’s Business Initiative. She Golf is an adult golf women’s group that’s geared towards empowering women and providing opportunities for:

  • Biweekly meetings
  • Golf for Business
  • Golf for Socializing
  • Golf for Fitness
  • Leadership Retreat

It is the perfect sport for socializing, meeting new people, conducting business, and getting great exercise!

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Hats, Heels & Horses:

Our annual Kentucky Derby Day Party fundraising event, is hosted by our Founder and board members. It is held on the same Saturday as the famous KENTUCKY DERBY via our sponsors and fundraising efforts.

Mother & Daughter Retreat:

The relationship a mother has with her daughter is the kind she will have with no one else in her life. The strength of this relationship is crucial in determining if your daughter will struggle or change the world like the power of steam. Dometrice Clemmons, Founder of She STEAMS seeks to celebrate and strengthen relationships between mothers and daughters. Today’s youth face challenges unlike that of the past. In order to positively equip both mother and daughter to successfully meet these challenges, She STEAMS will sponsor a Mother & Daughter Retreat.

Program highlights:

  • Personal life coaching
  • Effective support strategies
  • Invaluable information